Gaeta Black Olives 500mg


Gaeta (Guy-ay-tah) is a region of Italy south of Rome that is known for producing small reddish brown (Itrana) olives that are famous for their unique texture, flavour, and nutritional benefits. Gaeta Olives DOP (Denominated Origin Protected) are considered to be the olive most suitable for gourmet Italian recipes. This is due to their characteristics, especially their unique bouquet,

tender flesh, relatively small pit, and just slightly bitter taste.
Jesse Tree is proud to offer this specialty olive (full of heart
healthy fats and the prized anti-oxidant anthocyanin) in
both food service and consumer size packaging. And like
all our olives, Jesse tree Gaeta olives are naturally and traditionally treated to retain their distinct texture, full natural flavour and maximum health benefits. Available in large (4.6 kg drained weight) pails for salad bars and the food service industry as well as a 1L (500g drained weight) plastic consumer packaging.