Jesse Tree Green Gaeta Olives (Organic) 1 kg


Discover Healthier Olives!


  • Naturally cured in sea salt and water to preserve olive crispness and nutrient retention.
  • Lower Sodium Recipe: Almost all Jesse Tree olives are packed in a natural brine that contains nearly half the amount of salt than regular olives.

Gaeta (Guy-ay-tah) is a region of Italy south of Rome that is known for producing a small olive that is famous for its unique texture, flavour, and nutritional benefits. This gourmet olive is considered to be the olive most suitable for Italian gourmet recipes. This is due to its unique bouquet, tender flesh, relatively small pit, and just slightly bitter taste. Jesse Tree is proud to offer this specialty olive, organically grown, in both food service and consumer size packaging. 


Unit Size: 1 Kg drained weight

Case Pack: 9